Living in NYC

Hello fellow bloggers-it’s been awhile since I’ve written a post! Getting ready for my big New York move and then actually DOING the big New York move was a lot of work- but I’ve loved every minute of living here! And while I’m not into excuses, the move and prepping for it let little (no) […]

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Spain 2017

Earlier this week, my family and I returned from a trip to Spain. Here are some of my photos from the vacation-enjoy! Marbella   Ronda and Pileta Cave    Seville   Gibraltar   Granada   Morocco   Madrid   Toledo           

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Yosemite 2017

A couple of weekends ago, my parents and I went to Yosemite National Park. It’s one of our favorite places to travel to as a family, and is a beautiful place to really appreciate nature and take lots of pictures. Enjoy my photo “gallery” blog post and try to get out in nature on your […]

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Ireland 2017

Hey fellow bloggers! I know it’s been almost a week since I’ve posted anything on my blog! Reason being? A trip to Ireland with the University of Washington Marching Band (and WSU and UO) that was AMAZING! I thought I’d share my trip through my photography. Enjoy and know that now since I’m back home, […]

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Haleakala National Park

Today my family and I went to Haleakala National Park on Maui. I had never been, and I love National parks and have always wanted to go. We went up there, did a bit of hiking, and looked out at some extraordinarily beautiful views. I will be doing a post at the end of my […]

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The Food of Boston

As many of you know, I love food. I consider myself a foodie. I enjoy finding places that have excellent food, and then sharing pictures of said food because it’s usually beautiful. So, this is my post all about the food I ate in Boston. I felt the food of Boston deserved its own post […]

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Off To Boston!-Traveling Tips

This holiday season, I’m sure many of you are traveling to visit and celebrate with family, or maybe to go on vacation. Either way, I thought I would share some of my packing do’s and dont’s. Traveling should be fun, not complicated! Here’s a list of my traveling tips that hopefully will help you and […]

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Updates To The Blog!

Hey Everyone! So I’ve had my blog for about a month now, and wanted to edit the layout of it for easier finding of posts. After a long chat with a WordPress staff member, I figured out how to do a couple of things to my blog home page that I’ve been wanting to do […]

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