Why I’m Sharing on Social Media

If you’re my Facebook friend or one of my blog followers, you’ve probably noticed that I share about many aspects of my life through social media. I post about everything from my health and fitness journey to travel and everything in between. One of my “why’s” for sharing on social media is because I simply […]

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Why I’m Sharing Scripture

For the past couple of months, I’ve been doing monthly scripture challenges. Most of them I find on Pinterest, except for January’s, I actually created it myself. I’ll share anywhere between 3-6 days of scripture passages (usually 5) with my thoughts on each passage. I encourage others to do the challenges with me, or at […]

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Why I’m Blogging

I started Bridget’s Happy and Healthy Adventure blog almost 5 months ago (September 19th) and I’ve been happy with my posts and the traffic to my blog. I’m hoping that as more months go on, that more people will go to my blog to see what it’s all about! Thank you to my current blog […]

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Sharing The Word

Generally, I always find something of value in every piece of scripture I read or hear at mass. Usually, it’s the gospel reading or the homily that I find most interesting and get something out of. But today, the second reading was the most enlightening to me. 2 Timothy 3:14-4:2 But continue thou in the […]

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Sharing Spirituality and Scripture

Before I begin or even share what today’s scripture reading from mass was, I want to say this: even if you’re not religious, I can guarantee that you’ll gain something from this post. Regardless of your religious background and depth, we can all gain something from the hidden (or maybe not so hidden) messages that […]

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