Daring Greatly: Part 4

Part 4: Understanding and Combating Shame Pt. 2 Another “chapter” on understanding and combating shame because it’s such a HUGE part of daring Greatly! Enjoy and remember to dare greatly on your happy and healthy adventure. 😊❤️ We’re expected to be perfect as women, but it should look effortless Remember, “YOU ARE ENOUGH” Need to […]

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Daring Greatly: Part 3

Part 3: Understanding and Combating Shame  I hope you enjoy this post-it has all of my notes that get into the topic of shame. Have a happy Thursday on your adventure! 😊❤️ We all have dark and light inside of us- from Harry Potter, Sirius Black ⚡️🖤 We HAVE TO BE VULNERABLE if we want […]

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