Uniquely Human: Chapter 12

Chapter 12: The Big Questions “Instead of focusing on vague and imprecise labels, it’s better to focus on the child’s relative strengths and challenges and to identify the most beneficial supports” (221).   “In my experience, the best thing parents and educators can do for a child with autism is to get the child out […]

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Uniquely Human: Chapter 11

Chapter 11: Energize the Spirit “There is no one professional or clinic, no magical place, no treatment approach offering all the answers and the plan to render a child “normal” so that families can put autism behind them and move on with their lives” (209).   “[P]arents want what’s best for their children. But when […]

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Uniquely Human: Chapter 10

Chapter 10: The Long View “I hope reading how they have progressed, faced challenges, thrived, and found perspective and love will provide valuable lessons for your own journey” (187).   “While the criticism stung, she found support from a handful of other parents of children with autism, who not only understood her plight but encouraged […]

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Uniquely Human: Chapter 9

Chapter 9: The Real Experts “[P]eople with autism have intact minds and strong opinions, and some have tremendous insight into their own experiences” (173). “[She] is also clear about how parents and professionals can best help in those situations when a person with autism is panicked or anxious. “Don’t put your hands all over me, […]

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Uniquely Human: Chapter 8

Chapter 8: Wisdom from the Circle “In my experience, however, the mot valuable, useful, and empowering wisdom often comes from other parents, mothers and fathers who have already been down this path. Over the years these parents and their children have been my best teachers, and their messages continue to inform my work and my […]

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Uniquely Human: Chapter 7

Chapter 7: What It Takes to “Get It” “I just pay attention. He made it sound so simple. But those four words said so much. [He] was effective in providing exactly the support this teenager needed not because he had mastered a particular kind of therapy, followed steps in a behavior plan, or dispensed the […]

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Uniquely Human: Chapter 6

Chapter 6: Social Understanding “Nearly every person with autism has some degree of difficulty navigating the social world” (109).   “Human beings are hardwired to be socially intuitive, but autism poses challenges to developing that intuition” (109).   “What comes naturally and effortlessly to others always requires some degree of conscious effort, and one is […]

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Uniquely Human: Chapter 5

Chapter 5: Emotional Memory “When we think about memory, we often think of facts–objective, neutral information about experiences we have had, people we have met or know about, or places. Beyond the facts, though, we have memories of our feelings about things. In our minds we subconsciously tag memories with certain emotions: happy, sad, painful, […]

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