Homily from 1/1/2017

Today, my family and I went to the local Catholic Church in Lahaina for mass. It’s a beautiful little church that we always go to when we are here. With the beginning of the new year, the homily was centered around the theme of reflection and how we can practice and reflect on our faith […]

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Thanksgiving Scripture: Last 2 Days

Since the Open My Eyes Thanksgiving and Gratefulness Scripture Challenge is 30 days, I have 2 last passages to share my thoughts on with all of you. I hope you’ve enjoyed the past few weeks of my reflections on these scriptures and that you’ll consider doing a thankfulness prayer and Scripture Challenge to enhance your […]

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Thanksgiving Scripture: Week 4

Today marks the fourth week of the Open My Eyes Thanksgiving and Gratefulness Scripture Challenge. I’ve learned how to interpret the Bible and apply its ideas and teachings into my everyday life, and to be thankful for everything that I have. I’ll be posting this in the same format as the past 3 weeks of […]

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Thanksgiving Scripture: Week 3 

Today marks the end of Week 3 of the Open My Eyes Thankfulness and Gratefulness Scripture Challenge. It has allowed me to see how much faith impacts my life and to see how much I have to be grateful for. Like last week, I will provide the Scripture Book and Passage lines. I encourage you […]

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