Present Over Perfect-Part 6

Part 6: Throwing Candy Part 6 is the last section of this great book and covers topics of finding yourself, saying yes, knowing that you are worthy of love and already have God’s, and most importantly, BEING YOURSELF-flaws and all. I hope you enjoy this final post on Present Over Perfect by Shauna Niequist and […]

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Present Over Perfect: Part 4

Part 4: Walking on Water Part 4 covers many topics, including how God loves us unconditionally, the beauty of baptism, taking ownership of your life, and living a God-forward life. I hope you enjoy the following post and find the time on your happy and healthy adventure to read this wonderful book. 🙂 ❤ “God […]

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Uninvited: Chapter 15

Chapter 15: “I Want to Run Away” This chapter is about how when we tackle a tough situation and aren’t sure what to do, we just want to escape it all. “People can’t fix from the outside a perspective that needs to be rewired on the inside. Only the Lord can do that” (190). We […]

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Uninvited: Chapter 8

Chapter 8: “The Corrective Experience”  This chapter explores thoughts you might have after a tough experience and provides a Bible passage in which another character in the story turns these thoughts on their head through her words. These are the negative thoughts that might go through your head after a rough time: “You are not […]

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Uninvited: Chapters 6 & 7

Chapter 6: “Friendship Breakups” Chapter 6 is about how friendships and relationships fall apart and breakup and the emotions that surround those difficult endings. It also talks about how God can help us through the pain and see the silver lining to these breakups. “Bitterness, resentment, and anger have no place in a heart as […]

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Uninvited: Chapter 5

Chapter 5: “Hello, My Name Is Trust Issues” Chapter 5 is about having trust issues (I think that was a given) and how God’s love can help us to work through those issues. “Life doesn’t add up. People don’t add up. And in the rawest moments of honest hurting, God doesn’t add up” (54). Sometimes, […]

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Uninvited: Chapter 4

Chapter 4: “Alone in a Crowded Room” Chapter 4 is about the concept that you can feel completely alone and helpless even in a room that’s packed with people. She unpacks this concept and the feels associated with it, and how God can come into play when we find ourselves in this situation. “We must […]

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Rising Strong: Chapter 7

Chapter 7: “The Brave and Brokenhearted” This chapter is about how becoming brokenhearted began with a vulnerable act of bravery: love. It also talks about how love deals with many emotions, including disappointment, expectations, and resentment. I hope you enjoy the following quotes from the chapter and apply them to your happy and healthy adventure. […]

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I AM THAT GIRL: Chapter 2

Chapter 2 of I AM THAT GIRL by Alexis Jones is entitled Be First. And no, I don’t mean be first by crossing the finish line in a race kind of first. This chapter focuses is putting yourself first, but in a positive way. Making sure you’re taking care of yourself first before helping and […]

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