Uninvited: Chapter 13

Chapter 13: Miracles in the Mess This chapter is about how even in this messy journey called life, there are miracles. However, we often times don’t see the miracles in our messy lives because we are overwhelmed with the mess of it all. “He understands. He teaches us from that tender place of knowing this […]

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Giving Your All in Life

It’s been about 4 days since I’ve published a blog post! I think you’ll all like this one, and it will explain for the lack of posts the past few days. On my Facebook page, I posted about my relatively new job as a special education paraeducator and all of the invaluable lessons I have […]

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Happiness: A Philosopher’s Guide

I again found myself in the self-care section of the Danville Library and happened to lay eyes on this book, Happiness: A Philosopher’s Guide by Frederic Lenoir. Although I’ve never taken a philosophy class, I’ve always found philosophy to be an interesting subject. When I saw this book, I originally wasn’t going to rent it […]

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