Uniquely Human: Chapter 10

Chapter 10: The Long View “I hope reading how they have progressed, faced challenges, thrived, and found perspective and love will provide valuable lessons for your own journey” (187).   “While the criticism stung, she found support from a handful of other parents of children with autism, who not only understood her plight but encouraged […]

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Present Over Perfect: Part 1

Part 1: Sea Change Part 1 talks about discovering yourself and God’s love for you on your personal journey, and how this is the most IMPORTANT thing in your life-nothing should take priority over it. It also covers the following items: How we stuff our schedules with should’s and haves and to-dos How we don’t […]

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YAB: Chapters 4 & 5

Chapters 4 & 5 of YAB are entitled “The Big Snooze” and “Self-Perception is a Zoo.” The Big Snooze is another name for your ego. Jen says that your ego is like a big snooze because the “leading cause of sucking” is not realizing how wonderful you are as a person or how great our […]

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Why I’m Sharing on Social Media

If you’re my Facebook friend or one of my blog followers, you’ve probably noticed that I share about many aspects of my life through social media. I post about everything from my health and fitness journey to travel and everything in between. One of my “why’s” for sharing on social media is because I simply […]

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Happiness: A Philosopher’s Guide

I again found myself in the self-care section of the Danville Library and happened to lay eyes on this book, Happiness: A Philosopher’s Guide by Frederic Lenoir. Although I’ve never taken a philosophy class, I’ve always found philosophy to be an interesting subject. When I saw this book, I originally wasn’t going to rent it […]

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