Uninvited: Chapter 14

Chapter 14: Moving Through the Desperate In-Between This chapter is about what happens when we find ourselves in the moments between greatness that are difficult to maneuver and decipher. “If we place our hope and future in the hands of our unchanging, unflinching God who never leaves us or forsakes us, we’ll find healing and […]

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Uninvited: Chapter 13

Chapter 13: Miracles in the Mess This chapter is about how even in this messy journey called life, there are miracles. However, we often times don’t see the miracles in our messy lives because we are overwhelmed with the mess of it all. “He understands. He teaches us from that tender place of knowing this […]

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Uninvited: Chapter 12

Chapter 12: The Enemy’s Plan Against You This chapter is about how Satan holds the “power” and puts all sorts of temptations to distract you from God and your relationship with Him. I put power in quotations because evil only has power if you allow it to control your life. If you focus on God’s […]

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Uninvited: Chapter 11

I know it’s been awhile since I’ve posted about this wonderful personal development book! I hope you enjoy today’s post. Chapter 11: Ten Things You Must Remember When Rejected Chapter 11 is about what you should do and think about when you’re rejected. Sounds easy enough, right? NO. Rejection is tough and harbors some rough emotions, […]

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Uninvited: Chapter 10

Chapter 10: “Her Success Does Not Threaten Mine” This chapter is about how sometimes we get so caught up in other people’s successes, that we feel defeated when we don’t succeed. It’s about when we don’t succeed and see others succeed in the same field, how we ask ourselves all kinds of degrading questions and […]

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Uninvited: Chapter 9

Chapter 9: “Why Does Rejection Hurt So Much?” Chapter 9 unpacks why rejection hurts as much as it does and how we can see the silver lining in situations of rejection. “God is always at work. He is a present, loving Father, aware of our deepest hurts and our even deeper needs. We aren’t always […]

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Uninvited: Chapter 8

Chapter 8: “The Corrective Experience”  This chapter explores thoughts you might have after a tough experience and provides a Bible passage in which another character in the story turns these thoughts on their head through her words. These are the negative thoughts that might go through your head after a rough time: “You are not […]

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Uninvited: Chapters 6 & 7

Chapter 6: “Friendship Breakups” Chapter 6 is about how friendships and relationships fall apart and breakup and the emotions that surround those difficult endings. It also talks about how God can help us through the pain and see the silver lining to these breakups. “Bitterness, resentment, and anger have no place in a heart as […]

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Uninvited: Chapter 5

Chapter 5: “Hello, My Name Is Trust Issues” Chapter 5 is about having trust issues (I think that was a given) and how God’s love can help us to work through those issues. “Life doesn’t add up. People don’t add up. And in the rawest moments of honest hurting, God doesn’t add up” (54). Sometimes, […]

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Uninvited: Chapter 4

Chapter 4: “Alone in a Crowded Room” Chapter 4 is about the concept that you can feel completely alone and helpless even in a room that’s packed with people. She unpacks this concept and the feels associated with it, and how God can come into play when we find ourselves in this situation. “We must […]

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