Uniquely Human: Chapter 11

Chapter 11: Energize the Spirit “There is no one professional or clinic, no magical place, no treatment approach offering all the answers and the plan to render a child “normal” so that families can put autism behind them and move on with their lives” (209).   “[P]arents want what’s best for their children. But when […]

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Rising Strong: Chapters 2 & 3

Chapter 2 is entitled “Civilization Stops at the Waterline.” It’s a story about Brown and her husband having a vulnerable moment in a swimming lake, and how even though vulnerability is difficult, it can strengthen a relationship and your life. The chapter also talks about how your successes, failures, and journeys are inevitable and necessary […]

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I AM THAT GIRL: Chapter 7

Chapter 7 of I AM THAT GIRL by Alexis Jones is entitled “Be A Sponge.” What she’s getting at in this chapter is that we should absorb everything we learn from mentors and the people we love and also learn a lesson from every experience that we have. It’s important to have a support group […]

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