This Saturday, I went on an adventure with my sister and a few of her friends in SOHO and the Lower East Side. Included are some pictures and descriptions. Exploring NYC is so much fun and I’m glad that’s it’s part of my happy and healthy adventure that I’ve recently embarked upon. Cooper Hewitt The […]

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Paying It Forward

Today I was in Starbucks after picking up my badge at the Kids’ Country office in Downtown Danville. In my post about National Coffee Day, I wrote and promised myself that during my next visit to Starbucks, I would pay for someone else’s coffee. It didn’t matter what walk of life they came from or […]

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National Coffee Day

Today is National Coffee Day, according to Starbucks and many Instagrammers (sp?) so I figure I need to post about it, seeing as I’m a coffee connoisseur. I love coffee in any shape or form. I’ll drink it black, have a specially concocted PSL or salted caramel mocha, in ice cream form, etc. Today I […]

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