Present Over Perfect-Part 6

Part 6: Throwing Candy Part 6 is the last section of this great book and covers topics of finding yourself, saying yes, knowing that you are worthy of love and already have God’s, and most importantly, BEING YOURSELF-flaws and all. I hope you enjoy this final post on Present Over Perfect by Shauna Niequist and […]

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Present Over Perfect: Part 5

Part 5: Living in Time Part 5 discusses: How we need to clear away some things in our lives to experience a joyful life How we need to have moments that aren’t about productivity How we need to simplify our lives AND How God commands us to be like snow or rainfall- essentially, BE YOURSELF […]

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Uninvited: Chapter 16

Chapter 16: “What I Thought Would Fix Me Didn’t” This chapter is about how we do things because we think they’ll make us feel happier or make a problem better, but many times-this isn’t the case. “The spotlight never fixes our insecurities. It only magnifies what we thought popularity would cover up” (206). Many of […]

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YAB: Chapters 4 & 5

Chapters 4 & 5 of YAB are entitled “The Big Snooze” and “Self-Perception is a Zoo.” The Big Snooze is another name for your ego. Jen says that your ego is like a big snooze because the “leading cause of sucking” is not realizing how wonderful you are as a person or how great our […]

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