Pantry Item: Panko

Hey Everyone! I wanted to share this recipe I found on Pinterest after I realized that I had a large container of panko breadcrumbs that I had no idea what to do with in my pantry. I often find that I have random items in my pantry that I bought for a specific purpose at […]

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Brown Bananas: What To Do

Hey everyone! I love bananas, but sometimes they go brown too quickly. I’m sure many of you have this problem too. So…what to do? The answer is NOT to throw them away, but to use them in one of these great recipes! Fruit smoothie Banana dairy-free ice cream Banana bread muffins Fruit Smoothie Peel the […]

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Repurposing T-day Leftovers

On Saturday my family and relatives celebrated Thanksgiving with a huge feast! There were tons of leftovers left (even with 20 people to feed), and we’ll be eating them until we leave for Boston. I repurposed some of the leftovers to make some new meals to eat so I’m not eating the same thing every […]

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