Our Family Dogs

Hello everyone! This past October, my family adopted two dogs: Jack and Seamus. Jack is a black and white Cavapoo (half Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, half poodle) and Seamus (pronounced SHAY-muss; he’s a Blenheim Cavalier with red and white fur). They were adopted from the Animal Humane Society of Las Vegas as a bonded pair (you had to adopt both). They rode in the car from Las Vegas back to the Bay Area and have adjusted well to living in a home. Both of them have a LOT of energy and require 2 walks per day. Luckily, we live in an area with many walking trails that’s very dog friendly. They will run up to any person or dog and greet them energetically. Even though they are quite lively, they also love nap time and cuddling up with us on the couch. They are true couch potatoes and even “helped” me write this post! These two pups have added so much happiness to our lives, so I wanted to write a short post about them. Have questions about adopting a dog, what owning a dog is like, or all of the benefits of dog ownership? Want more pictures of Jack and Seamus? Leave a comment on this post! As always, I hope you enjoyed this post and play with some dogs on your own life adventure! ❤ 🙂

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