Walking in NYC: Central Park

Hello Everyone! This post is part of my series, Walking in NYC; it’s all about Central Park and many of the different things to see and do when there (and the surrounding area).

  1. Imagine Mosaic
  2. Sit and picnic, dog-watch, enjoy the nice weather
  3. Shakespeare in the Park
  4. Shakespeare Garden
  5. The Reservoir (featured image)
  6. Tavern on the Green
  7. The Loeb Boathouse

These are just a few activities/places to eat within Central Park! There’s many museums along the edge of the park (Metropolitan Museum of Art, Cooper Hewitt Museum, The Guggenheim, etc.), and even more activities to engage in while spending time there. Checking out the park and city attractions nearby is definitely something to do whether you live in New York or are just visiting!

The Imagine Mosaic is inspired by the Beatles and if you’re a fan, it’s worth checking out! It only takes a couple minutes to see, but if you’re wanting a picture, you may have to wait a bit and push your way towards the mosaic, especially on a nice day.

On Saturday, I attended Shakespeare in the Park, and it was a wonderful production! Tickets are free, but you have to wait in a line (I waited in a standby line in the evening, hours before show time and was lucky enough to get tickets that way) or enter a lottery. It was worth the wait! This was a modern take on Much Ado About Nothing with an all black cast that was energetic, entertaining, and put on an excellent show!

These are both dishes from Tavern on the Green, my mom’s favorite restaurant in New York. The food is always delicious and they have a beautiful outdoor seating area (but inside is also quite nice). If you just want drinks or appetizers, they have an indoor and outdoor bar to enjoy.

I hope you enjoy this post in my series, Walking in NYC, and explore Central Park on your own life adventure! 🙂 ❤

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