Trader Joe’s Haul 9/7

Hey Everyone! I went to Trader Joe’s on Friday to pick up some much-needed groceries. While I purchased many of my usual necessities/favorites, I also bought some new items that looked intriguing. I’ve tried a few already and am looking forward to my new items! If there are any items that you want to know about, please contact me through the contact page on my blog. Happy reading!

Left picture, clockwise, left to right: Spinach tortellini, turkey meatballs, yellow curry chopped salad, butter chicken, applewood smoked uncured bacon, goat cheese brie, blueberry and vanilla yogurts

Right picture, left to right: Pesto Alla Genovese (Basil pesto), well rested herbal tea, English breakfast tea, mini cranberry orange tea scones


I’ve only tried a few products to date, but I thought I’d provide my verdict of those products here! Like I mentioned earlier, if there is a product from my post you would like to know about that I didn’t review, contact me!

  • Applewood smoked uncured bacon: Delicious! It’s messy to cook (lots of bacon fat/grease) but it’s definitely worth it! I preferred the microwave method of cooking, but pan fry works just as well. Perfect for breakfast or on a sandwich.
  • Goat cheese brie: One of my all-time favorite cheeses. It tastes like goat cheese but looks like and has the consistency of brie cheese. I used it in a recipe I have for apple and brie cheese crepes, but it would be great as an appetizer at a party or in a sandwich.
  • Vanilla yogurt: I’ve only tried the vanilla, but it’s creamy and has great flavor. I also like the portion size.
  • Mini cranberry orange tea scones: My favorite item from this haul! They are a perfect size, go well with tea (or coffee), have a nice balance of cranberry and orange flavor, and even a drizzle of icing on top. Definitely worth buying!

Thanks for reading this post; I hope you enjoyed it! Remember to shop at Trader Joe’s on your own happy and healthy adventure. 🙂 ❤

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