Trader Joe’s Summer Hauls

Hey Everyone! It’s been a while since I’ve posted, but I’m back! I’ve been to Trader Joe’s a few times since my last haul post and wanted to share the items I tried over the past month and a half(ish).


From left to right: Peach and mango yogurt cups, Tikka vegetables, Tempura shrimp crunch rolls.

I love the yogurt cups! They also come in a strawberry/banana pack too if you prefer those flavors. These are the perfect size and pack a lot of flavor! You can also turn them into a summer treat by sticking a popsicle stick into the yogurt cup and freezing it.

The tikka vegetables are a great quick dinner! You microwave the pouch and it’s ready to go in seconds! I pour mine over Trader Joe’s frozen microwave brown rice. It’s not super spicy but is flavorful and filling!

The crunch rolls are delicious! My favorite part about them is the dipping sauce and the crunchy topping you sprinkle on before eating.


From left to right: Chicken Tikka Masala, Jaipur vegetables, Romano Caeser dressing, organic popcorn with organic EVOO, Turkey Club Sandwich

The chicken tikka masala is another great quick and easy dinner! It comes with rice and microwaves in minutes. However, it’s a one person meal.

The Jaipur vegetables were good, but I prefer the tikka vegetables. The Jaipur vegetables also have paneer (cheese), but it tasted and to me was texturally more like tofu. If you’re interested in the Indian cuisine microwaveable pouches, I would definitely grab the tikka vegetables over the Jaipur ones.

I haven’t tried the Caeser dressing yet, but according to the Internet, people have mixed feelings about TJ dressings. Hopefully, this one is good!

The popcorn is great! It’s not heavy with olive oil but just has a hint of the flavor to it. I recently bought their flyer item Air Popped Popcorn, which is just as good and which I prefer since it’s a bit healthier than the olive oil popcorn. But definitely worth it to buy it and try!

The club sandwich is delicious and fills me up at lunchtime! I normally don’t like thick white bread, but this sandwich is the exception. It has a dijon mayo spread which is my favorite component of the sandwich.


From left to right, clockwise: Wild Salmon Dinner, Dark Chocolate Almonds with Sea Salt and Turbinado sugar, Thomcord grapes, “Just Sauce” Turkey Bolognese, Shells with Brie and Asparagus, Handmade 100% whole wheat flour tortillas.

I haven’t had a chance to try the wild salmon dinner, almonds, or grapes, but I am excited to and will share my thoughts on those soon!

The “Just Sauce” bolognese was easy to prepare (microwave) and you can pour over pasta, or in my case, I used it as a sauce for zoodles. It’s a bit on the thin side and not as red as a traditional tomato sauce, but it tastes great! Jarred sauces are great, but don’t contain meat, so this is a great option if you want a pasta sauce with meat.

The pasta with brie and asparagus is one of my favorite microwave meal options from Trader Joe’s. I mean, it’s pasta (what’s NOT to like), the brie is creamy and gooey, and the asparagus makes it healthy (right?). Definitely, something to pick up on your next TJ’s run.

The whole wheat tortillas, I think, are better than the traditional white flour tortillas from TJ’s! They are a little heartier and healthier and are great for quesadillas, wraps, or just to nibble on.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed this post! I hope you visit Trader Joe’s and try some of their amazing offerings on your happy and healthy adventure 🙂 ❤


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