Kale and Mushroom Pizza with Roasted Garlic

Another quick and easy vegetarian dinner recipe with 5 (or fewer ingredients)! This recipe was relatively easy to make and was delicious! Here is the link for the recipe for the pizza:

Portobello Pizza with Roasted Garlic Sauce and Kale

Here is the link for the recipe to roast garlic cloves (in case you didn’t buy the pre-roasted ones):

How to Roast Peeled Garlic Cloves in the Oven

A few tips and tricks:

  1. While roasting garlic isn’t too difficult, buying pre-roasted garlic would make this pizza recipe go buy even quicker. Also, buying whole garlic is cheaper than pre-peeled cloves–just food for thought (pun intended).
  2. If using a pizza dough, I would not recommend the wax paper method like the recipe does. I would flour the dough and your hands when rolling and shaping the dough and spray the baking sheet with cooking spray so it doesn’t stick.
  3. If you don’t have a rolling pin like me, you can use any long, cylindrical item you have. You could you a drinking glass or the can of cooking spray.
  4. In addition to rolling the dough, I like to pick it up and let gravity do some work to stretch it out.
  5. I added feta cheese for a little salty goodness–if you’re a cheese fan, I definitely recommend this!
  6. If you pile on the toppings, you’ll need to cook the pizza for longer than it says on the package–otherwise, you’ll end up with raw dough.
  7. If you need some meat on this pizza, I would recommend ground turkey or chicken. But it’s really good as is, even for meat eaters–I promise!

I hope you enjoyed this post and consider making this pizza on your happy and healthy adventure! ❤ 🙂

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