The Dog Lover Unit: Rachel Rose

I recently finished The Dog Lover Unit: Lessons in Courage from the World’s K9 Cops by Rachel Rose. This is a wonderful book especially for those of you that love dogs and are curious about the lives of police dogs. It’s heartwarming but also informative-I definitely recommend reading it! Below are my favorite quotes from the book that are from K9 dog handlers regarding their work, but the quotes are also applicable to everyone in everyday life. I hope you enjoy this post and considering reading this novel on your happy and healthy adventure! 🙂 ❤

“‘Don’t mistake good luck for good planning,’ [he] says. ‘Just because things turn out okay doesn’t mean you did the right thing, it might just mean you got lucky'” (Darrell Moores, 43).

“I make a mental note: when you’re stuck, sometimes the only way out is to reverse course entirely. […] When things aren’t working, don’t accelerate into failure. Back up” (48).

“‘When you are disordered inside, you crave order in the external world'” (David Desforges, 246).

“‘We learned that whenever you are in a situation, don’t give up'” (Doug Lewis, 274).

“Whether their dogs are purebreds or rescues, whether they themselves came from police families or just followed a dream they held since they were kids, every single K9 team is defined by a loyalty that transcends language, and a bond of the heart between human and dog that makes them each better than they ever could be alone” (289).

“We need each other: I know this as surely as I know that I’m breathing. And we need to do better at taking care of each other. The first step is seeing each other accurately, listening to one another’s stories, and admitting our interdependence” (305).

“And saying yes to that one hard thing allowed me to take the other steps I needed to: to confront my past, to be vulnerable without giving in to shame, to ask for help… and to be open to listening to others without pretending I had any of the answers anymore. Not having the answers made space for the love. And in that respect, there is no better role model than a good dog” (309).

“People are so stupidly complicated in the way they love. Dogs love without conditions. […] They just love you” (311).

“If they were on a track, and it was a matter of saving a life, they never gave up. Whoever you are, no matter how lost, never give up” (314).


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