Trader Joe’s Haul 6/7

Hey everyone! Today I went to Trader Joe’s and got some more groceries! The featured image is all of the items I haven’t tried yet. I’m excited to try them and report in my next post how they were!

Items (top row): Broccoli and Cheddar quiche, vegetable simosas

Items (middle row): Key Lime tea cookies, Macarons, Multigrain crackers

Items (bottom row): face wash, blueberry goat cheese log, field fresh salad, facial moisturizer, chickenless chicken tenders, canola oil spray

I had the quiche for breakfast, and it was good! The outside edges of the crust under the filling were REALLY brown and hard, not sure if microwave cooking did that or if that’s how it was packaged. I’ve also had the macarons before, and they come in a variety of flavors: apricot, fig, lemon, pistachio, salted caramel, and vanilla. They are delicious and another perfectly small dessert! I’ve also had the field fresh salad, but not in a long time since it hadn’t been in stock. It’s my favorite salad from TJ’s! Finally, the chickenless chicken tenders are really good. Even if you’re a meat eater (like me) or think that vegetarian “meat” products might not be as good as their meat counterparts, these are amazing! Honestly, I wouldn’t have known they weren’t chicken unless I was told.

I mentioned that I was going to review my new items from the previous grocery haul, so here we go!

  • Hard boiled eggs: A great easy item that you can take for a snack or chop for a salad topping. Only downside is that you only get 6 in a bag, so it’d probably be cheaper to buy a dozen and do the work yourself.
  • Honey wheat pretzel sticks: Really tasty and VERY crunchy! Great as a snack to dip in peanut butter.
  • Coffee chocolate squares: Delicious! But be warned: if you don’t like dark roast coffee or bitter flavors, these aren’t for you.
  • Golden round crackers: Just like Ritz with the same buttery taste.
  • Thai chicken salad: To be honest, this salad was just okay. I wasn’t a huge fan of the dressing and it was missing a crunchy, crouton like element.
  • Watermelon cooler: This juice was also just okay. It tastes good, but is very watered down. I prefer TJ lemonade, but this is a good alternative.
  • Caramel bites: Favorite item from the last haul! They’re the perfect size for dessert, they’re crunchy, sweet, and a tiny bit sticky.
  • Chocolate covered almonds: another great item for snacking! And it comes in a small package, which is convenient for throwing in your bag.

Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed this post and find time to visit Trader Joe’s on your happy and healthy adventure! ā¤ šŸ™‚



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