Trader Joe’s Haul 5/23

Earlier today, I went to Trader Joe’s to do my grocery shopping. When I returned home, I thought to myself: “I wonder if my social media accounts followers would read posts on my Trader Joe’s purchases. Let’s take a poll!” I went onto Instagram and asked that very question: Would you read posts on my grocery hauls from Trader Joe’s? I received a unanimous yes, so here we are! I’ll be posting pictures of my haul of items that I love and new items purchased. Hopefully, the next time you walk into Trader Joe’s, you’ll think, “I remember reading about that item on Bridget’s blog, and she said it was really good! I think I’ll get it today!”

Are there any items you’ve wanted to try that you’ve seen in Trader Joe’s but just aren’t too sure? Ask me if I have, and if I haven’t, I’ll make sure to get it on my next trip and review it for you!

Two pictures from today:

Items I love left picture, left to right clockwise:

  • Just Grilled Chicken Strips: Easy to prepare, microwave for 1:30 and ouila! Can throw on salads, in dinner dishes, etc.
  • String Cheese: Great on the go snack to pair with a piece of fruit
  • Granola Bars: Another great on the go snack for breakfast
  • Brownie coffee ice cream sandwiches: So good, especially if you’re a coffee and brownie lover! They are sweet, but they are not too large so you won’t feel sick afterwards.
  • Brown Sugar Toaster Pastries: These are so much better than the PopTarts version. Not as sweet and with a great ratio of filling to pastry, also just a thin layer of icing on top.
  • Macaroni and Cheese: This is a staple around our apartment, even as 20 something year old adults. It’s easy to prepare and it’s cheap! (99 cents)

New items left picture: Caesar salad, BBQ teriyaki chicken, broccoli florets, hummus with chips, Mexicali salad

Items I love, right picture, left to right clockwise:

  • White Cheddar Corn Puffs: A healthy and tasty alternative to chips and great for a snack! However, it takes A LOT of restraint not to gobble the entire bag in one sitting.
  • Sourdough Bread: Reminds me of SF sourdough and my Bay Area home. So good and comes precut, which is convenient.
  • Vanilla Bean Greek Yogurt: Another great healthy snack that’s just a tiny bit sweet but tangy. They have a bunch of other flavors too, but the vanilla bean is by favorite.
  • Eggs: another staple item in our apartment. Really just needed to restock.

New items, right picture: hard boiled eggs, honey wheat pretzel sticks, coffee chocolate squares, round crackers, thai chicken salad, watermelon cooler, caramel bites, chocolate covered almonds.

Not pictured items I loved from this haul: frozen green beans, milk

In my next post I’ll share my thoughts on my new items from this haul–for now, I hope you enjoyed this post and shop at Trader Joe’s during you happy and healthy adventure! 🙂 ❤

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