Outfit Tracker

Recently, I tried this journal outfit tracker that I saw on Pinterest, and it is SO helpful! Thank you to my_journaling_corner for sharing your work on Instagram! I was into bullet journaling, then fell out of it. Now I “dabble” in it, so to speak. The only thing I really keep track of in a journal now is Outfits I Plan to Wear and Books I’ve Read each month.

Why is this outfit tracker a time saver? You can format it however you like (I personally like this format I found on Pinterest, but to each their own) and you simply write down what you’re going to wear each day! You can write out the template in advance, and what I do is, over the weekend, I go through my closet and think, “I want to wear this blouse with this skirt and these shoes” and I write down each item in its designated column on a day. I have written down outfits for the whole month, but you can do this on a week by week basis too if that’s more convenient and manageable for you! In addition to having the template written out and deciding on what you want to wear each day in advance, I find the outfit tracker is a commitment to whatever I wrote down so I don’t spend 30+ minutes picking out an outfit in the morning. You’ve written down what you’re going to wear, so STICK TO IT! Now I get weather can change your outfit, but the only thing it should change is your shoes and outerwear, not the ENTIRE OUTFIT.

In addition to being a time saver, tracking outfits can help you in the realms of fashion and organization. For fashion, you can look and determine the answer to a question such as: “Have I worn this same blouse or type of blouse 4 times in the past two weeks?” or “Have I worn black pants to work every single day?” It can help you diversify what you wear so you’re not wearing the same things multiple days a week or month. It also gives you an idea of what items you are wearing frequently, occasionally, or never that you own in your closet. Is there a blouse that has been sitting in your closet for 6 months that you’ve never worn and didn’t chart into your tracker to wear? Say bye-bye to it! This way, you create more space in your closet to see the items you own and wear on a regular basis and can include them in your outfit tracker.

I hope you enjoyed this post and consider using an outfit tracker on your happy and healthy adventure! ❤ 🙂


Featured image from Pinterest, original image from Instagram account my_journaling_corner (Clarissa) April 1st, 2016.

2 thoughts on “Outfit Tracker

  1. Wow! I never would of thought of something like this but it is such a great idea! Thanks for sharing!


    1. Right! It’s a great way to organize. I can’t take credit though… but I’m glad you enjoyed my post and now have knowledge of it, and can use it! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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