Headspace App

Recently, I just finished 30 days of using the Headspace App! If you’re unfamiliar with Headspace, it’s an app for meditation. There are a variety of meditation topics, such as self-esteem, sleep, and motivation, just to name a few. There are series that last 1 month, 10 days, and singles. It’s a great app if you enjoy meditation, want to start meditation but are unsure how, or need some guidance in the form of meditation and wisdom in general or a specific topic.

I wanted to share some of the quotes that appear at the end of each day of meditation that you can always go back to and even save to your phone for later.

“There comes a point where we’ve done all we can to prepare. Then, it’s about loosening up and tapping into the mind” (On Exams).

“By noticing and letting go of the clutter in our mind, we find ourselves naturally moving towards a different perspective” (Specific Day Meditation).

“Make the exercise work for you. Some days, apply a little more effort. Other days, apply a little less.”

“In distancing ourselves from negative thinking, we recognize that we’re not our thoughts” (On Self-Esteem).

“If you tend to be anxious in everyday life, try to simply note it and return to the moment” (On Managing Anxiety).

“Start to notice during the day how often you get caught up in thinking negatively about yourself” (On Self-Esteem).

“If you view self-criticism as part of your identity, it will be harder to overcome” (On Self-Esteem).

“Use the breath as a barometer when your mind disappears into lots of negative thinking and chatter about yourself” (On Self-Esteem).

“There are always other people feeling at least the same if not even worse” (On Self-Esteem).

“Once we get these little moments throughout the day, our sense of perspective becomes really clear” (On Self-Esteem).

I hope you enjoyed this post and that you consider implementing meditation and/or the Headspace app in your happy and healthy adventure. 🙂 ❤

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