Spring Break in NYC (One Week)

Hey everyone! I just had spring break last week after a busy couple of months with school assignments and midterms! Here are some recommendations (with pictures) of things to do and see in New York City!

Day 1: The Doughnut Plant and The Guggenheim

The Doughnut Plant is located in Chelsea and has an amazing variety of doughnuts! They always have seasonal specials (like carrot cake and easter eggs) and doughnuts that you wouldn’t find anywhere else (the creme brulee doughnut was invented at The Doughnut Plant!). They also have beautiful doughnuts shaped like roses–but you have to arrive early to get one as they do run out fast! 

The Guggenheim is near Central Park on 5th Avenue. The exhibits within the museum change on a regular basis, but my favorite part of the museum was the architecture, both inside and out! I have no fear of heights, so I took this cool shot from the top floor of the museum (it’s structured like a spiral staircase) and captured as many floors as I could. The museum also has a geometric glass ceiling that’s intriguing to look at. 

Day 2: St. Patrick’s Cathedral


My family and I attended Easter Mass here, and it was a wonderful ceremony. Even if you don’t practice the faith, this church is an iconic NYC landmark that is worth just walking through. 

Day 3: The Metropolitan Museum of Art (The MET)

The MET is one of the most well-known museums in New York City known for its art exhibits. Currently, The Gardens, a series of impressionist paintings, is a featured exhibit that everyone should go see. One of my favorites from The Gardens was the sunflower painting above. The first photo is of the lawns that are behind the museum that are part of Central Park with the obelisk, with some snow uncharacteristic for April but low and behold was present! 

Day 4: The Cloisters and Carousel



The Cloisters is an affiliated MET museum that is a combination of religious and church relics, art, and gardens. This is my favorite picture I took while visiting, with Baby Jesus in the arms of Mary and Jesus crucified. Even if you aren’t religious, I highly recommend visiting. 

Carousel is my third Broadway play, and it was wonderful! It’s an unconventional love story filled with emotion and drama. I recommend seeing this Broadway show if you can get tickets! 

Day 5: Coney Island

After 3 straights days of museums, we needed a change in pace. Since moving to New York, I had always wanted to go to Coney Island! It was a rainy day, but we made the best of it. We chowed down on some Nathan’s hotdogs, french fries, and milkshakes. If you don’t eat meat or hotdogs, they have an entire fish menu as well! There are also art walls along the entrance to the park and boardwalk that are great photograph backdrops. 

Day 6: The New York Botanical Gardens (The Bronx)


The most popular exhibit at the New York Botanical Gardens in The Bronx is The Orchid Show, which is on display until April 22nd. This exhibit is all contained within the Enid Observatory, and it’s rooms of orchids upon orchids that I couldn’t get enough of! There are orchids of all colors of the rainbow and the set-up is exceptional. I’ll definitely be returning later this spring to see more flowers in bloom! 

Day 7: Walking Around the City


For a final day in New York City, we walked around a few different neighboorhoods in the city–Greenwich Village, NoLiTa, and SoHo. We visited McSorley’s Old Ale House, which is truly an old establishment–an NYC landmark from 1854. It’s a cool pub and it’s laidback. We then had the best corned beef and pastrami sandwiches I have ever tasted, and they were HUGE. Definitely a place to go visit, especially if you like sliced beef sandwiches.

I have found my new favorite Broadway show (it was Wicked) but now it is My Fair Lady! There is so many aspects I like about it: there’s references to linguistics and speech-language pathology (yes, I’m aware that’s a very nerdy reason to like a Broadway show), the English accents, and the storyline/plot is romantic but funny–making for excellent entertainment. 

I hope you enjoyed this post! Traveling and exploring your city like a tourist is part of what makes up my happy and healthy adventure–and I hope it can be or is a part of yours too. 🙂 ❤

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