HTSFLS by Andrea Owen Chapters 11-13

Chapter 11 ~ The Sky Is Falling: Bracing Yourself for Catastrophe

“We convince ourselves we can control the amount of pain we’ll eventually feel by controlling the amount of joy we let in” (141).


“Gratitude is a great practice to have in general, plus a great tool to use when you find yourself catastrophizing” (143).


“You must keep paying attention” (144).


“I invite you to look at your own life and ask yourself if you are really feeling joy, or are you pushing it aside because it’s too risky?” (148).

Chapter 12 ~ The Blame Game: Your Ticket to Disconnection

“…your anger is valid, it needs to be expressed, and it won’t kill you” (153).


“So, what are you tolerating? What are you putting up with in your life?” (154).


“Many times, the solution involves that beast of vulnerability again” (154).

Chapter 13 ~ Zero [F***s] Mentality: Cynicism on Steroids

“They knew the feedback they were receiving hurt, and they were able to separate that hurt from who they were as an actual person. Those other people’s hurtful words did not dictate who they were” (162).


“Practice vulnerability in those moments by also expressing that confiding that is scary, and you have fears about [blank]” (165).


Thank you for reading this post! I hope you have enjoyed it and that you can apply its wisdom into your happy and healthy adventure. 🙂 ❤


Owen, A. (2017). How to stop feeling like shit: 14 habits that are holding you back from happiness. Berkeley, CA: SEAL PRESS.

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