Part III of you do you by Sarah Knight

Part III: WILLs and WON’Ts: Not-so-great expectations


“Letting other people’s expectations get in the way of your experience–and of learning from it–is no way to live” (165-166).

You won’t get anywhere with that attitude

“The trick for pessimists is not too much time and energy on things you can’t control” (184).

You will regret that

“If someone tells you you’re about to do the “wrong” thing and that you “will regret it”–it’s useful to think about whether that’s and objective or subjective statement” (195).

You won’t get a good job if you don’t go to college *How to succeed at success without really caring what anyone else thinks

“At the end of the day, success is simply the achievement of a goal–any goal–that you set for yourself” (204).


“We just need permission to be ourselves, make our own decisions and mistakes, and revel in our own success, whatever that means to us” (209).

You will never live that down *Yes you will. Go ahead and let your freak flag fly

“You are awesome and there is nothing wrong with you” (216).


“By rearranging your mental decor, you make it easier and more pleasant to get through your own life–and for the people in your life to do so too” (221).


“Acknowledging and acting on your own weirdness gives you power” (224).


I hope you enjoyed the above quotes from Part III of you do you by Sarah Knight and that they are applicable to you on your happy and healthy adventure. 🙂 ❤


Knight, S. (2017). You do you: How to be who you are and use what you’ve got to get what you want. New York, NY: Hachette Book Group

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