13 Things by Amy Morin – Chapter 13

“They Don’t Expect Immediate Results”

This chapter delves into how you can’t expect immediate results in a lot of aspects of your life. Whether it’s weight loss, business, parenting, etc.; you have to work hard and continue whatever it is you’re doing before throwing in the towel and deciding it’s not working. If I had thrown in the towel the first time I was rejected from graduate school, I would have never gotten to where I am now. I hope you enjoy this post and remember that not everything has immediate results on your happy and healthy adventure. 🙂 ❤

Strategies for creating realistic expectations (238-239):

  • Don’t underestimate how difficult change is
  • Avoid placing a definite time limit on reaching your goal
  • Don’t overestimate how much better the results will make your life

Measuring progress questions (241):

  • How will I know if what I’m doing is working?
  • What is a realistic time frame to see initial results?
  • What kind of results can I realistically expect to see within one week, one month, six months, and one year?
  • How will I know that I’m staying on track toward my goal?

Strategies to delay gratification (242-244):

  • Keep your eyes on the prize
  • Celebrate milestones along your journey
  • Create a plan to resist temptation
  • Deal with feelings of frustration and impatience in a healthy manner
  • Pace yourself

“Reaching your full potential requires you to demonstrate willpower to resist short-term temptation. The ability to delay getting what you want now so you can get more later is instrumental to success” (244).

What’s Helpful (246):

  • Creating realistic expectations about how long it will take to reach your goal and how difficult it will be
  • Finding accurate ways to measure your progress
  • Celebrating milestones along your journey
  • Coping with negative feelings in healthy ways
  • Developing a plan to help you resist temptation
  • Pacing yourself for the long haul

What’s NOT Helpful (246-247):

  • Expecting that you’ll see instant results
  • Assuming that if things don’t get better right away, you’re not making progress
  • Waiting until you get to the end of your journey to celebrate
  • Allowing your frustration and impatience to affect your behavior
  • Predicting that you have enough willpower to resist all forms of temptation
  • Looking for shortcuts so you can avoid the work necessary to reach your goal

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