13 Things by Amy Morin – Chapter 8

“They Don’t Make the Same Mistakes Over and Over”

Making mistakes is inevitable – we all make some. However, hopefully you aren’t making the same ones over and over again. With any mistake, you should learn something and there should be a takeaway in that what you learned will help you to avoid repeating it. I hope you enjoy this post and learn from your mistakes on your happy and healthy adventure. 🙂 ❤

Problems with repeating the same mistakes (152):

  • You won’t reach your goals
  • The problem won’t get solved
  • You’ll think differently about yourself
  • You may not try as hard
  • You may frustrate others who watch you repeat the same mistakes
  • You may develop irrational beliefs to excuse your mistakes

“If you want to avoid repeating a mistake, spend some time studying it. Set any negative feelings you might have aside, acknowledge the factors that led up to your mistake, and learn from it” (154).

When practicing self-discipline, keep in mind (157):

  • Practice tolerating discomfort
  • Use positive self-talk
  • Keep your goals in mind
  • Impose restrictions on yourself
  • Create a list of all the reasons why you don’t want to repeat your mistake

“When you view mistakes not as something negative but instead as an opportunity to improve yourself, you’ll be able to devote time and energy into making sure you don’t repeat them” (160).

It’s all about perspective.

What’s Helpful (160):

  • Acknowledging your personal responsibility for each mistake
  • Creating a written plan to prevent repeating the mistake
  • Identifying triggers and warning signs of old behavior patterns
  • Practicing self-discipline strategies

What’s NOT Helpful (160-161):

  • Making excuses or refusing to examine your role in the outcome
  • Responding impulsively without thinking about alternatives
  • Putting yourself in situations where you are likely to fail
  • Assuming you can always resist temptation or deciding you’re doomed to keep repeating your mistakes

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