My Crazy, Happy, and Healthy Adventure

Big stuff is happening in my life right now, and big changes are coming along the way-so I wanted to share the thoughts I have on my personal adventure that is crazy, but also happy and healthy! 🙂 ❤

The school year in the district I work(ed) in ended on Thursday, and can I just say-thank goodness! I enjoyed working as a special education para educator, but it was tough and a bit exhausting. However, I loved EVERY minute of it because it taught me SO MUCH-not just about how to interact with children with special needs, but also about myself.

When I started in December as a SpEd para, I thought to myself “Am I crazy? This is going to be challenging!” I suspect, when I told friends and family and announced on Facebook that I’d be working in my local school district as a SpEd para, that they had the same thoughts. I can honestly say that, yes, being a SpEd para was crazy-but maybe not in the ways you think.

The word “crazy” generally has a negative connotation. Two examples: “Are you crazy? You’re never going to make it!” “That’s a crazy idea-it’ll never work!” You may have heard variations of these “crazy” remarks, whether you overheard them or they were meant for you-I’m sure we ALL have. But what if we turned the “crazy” notion into a positive?

Some examples I’ve come up with: “Crazy-ambitious,” “Crazy-generous,” “Crazy-determined,” “Crazy-dedicated,” “Crazy-persistent,” “Crazy-creative,” “Crazy-kind,” and “Crazy-awesome.”

Now, all of those traits are positive-we all strive to be ambitious, generous, determined, dedicated, persistent, creative, kind, and awesome (among other positive attributes). Why have I put “crazy” in front of them, you might ask? Doesn’t it make those positives slightly negative? Not how I see it! Crazy-(adjective) just means that you’re really or very (adjective), but it’s even more than just really or very. For example, when I was working as a SpEd para, I would say that I was crazy dedicated to my job. I’d show up every day and work as hard as I could, and get through the day even if it was challenging. Another example, with some news: “Crazy-determined” and “Crazy-persistent,” I believe, GOT ME INTO GRAD SCHOOL!

I was determined to fill my desire to attend graduate school for speech pathology, and I didn’t let all of the denials from all of the many schools I applied to get me down or stop me from applying until I got in somewhere. I was persistent in striving to fulfill my goals and not giving up. Where did it get me? I’ll be attending Yeshiva University in NYC this fall! But if I WASN’T “crazy-determined,” “crazy-persistent,” or any crazy positive attribute, I don’t think I would be where I am today. I don’t think this would be my life without a little bit of good crazy.

What am I hoping for you to gain from reading my positive spin on the word “crazy?” I’m hoping that you’ll go out and live your “crazy-awesome” happy and healthy adventure. 🙂 ❤

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