Daring Greatly: Part 7

Part 7: Mind the Gap-Cultivating Change and Closing the Disengagement Divide 

In order to experience change and to avoid disengaging (not caring), we have to be MINDFUL. Enjoy and remember to practice mindfulness on your happy and healthy adventure! 😊❤️

  • Pay attention to the space between where you’re standing and where you want to go
  • Are we walking our talk?
  • When our practiced values are routinely in conflict with our expectations, disengagement is inevitable
  • It’s OKAY to be IMPERFECT and make MISTAKES, but you need to make it RIGHT when you can
  • We have to align our values with our actions
  • We all want to dare greatly

Part 7, Pt. 2: Disruptive Engagement-Daring to Rehumanize Education and Work

Going along the same lines as Pt. 1 of Part 7, but focusing on educational settings and work environment.

  • Normalize discomfort and learn your uncomfortable 
  • Stay open and lean into discomfort
  • If you’re comfortable, you’re not being taught and you’re not learning
  • Accept discomfort as part of growth
  • View “weaknesses” from a strengths perspective
  • Use strengths to address related challenges
  • Vulnerability is at the heart of the feedback process
  • We can survive exposure and uncertainty-worth risk
  • Self-righteous = afraid
  • Model the openness you hope to see
  • Size and severity of problem doesn’t necessarily reflect our emotional reaction to it
  • Feedback is about learning and growth; tells us a lot about ourselves and how we interact with others
  • Take off armor, SHOW UP, ENGAGE
  • Recognize and own if you don’t know something
  • Have the courage to say “I don’t know” and “I messed up”
  • Shutting down opportunity = shutting down vulnerability
  • No vision without vulnerability

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