Uninvited: Chapter 12

Chapter 12: The Enemy’s Plan Against You

This chapter is about how Satan holds the “power” and puts all sorts of temptations to distract you from God and your relationship with Him. I put power in quotations because evil only has power if you allow it to control your life. If you focus on God’s will, the devil can’t touch you.

“Because then he (the devil) can get me so focused on the shallow opinions of others I get completely distracted from deepening my relationship with Christ” (151).

If you focus on other people’s negative opinions of you, then the devil will have complete control. We’ve all been there-someone says something negative about you and you take it to heart. You let it get to you and it ruins your day, week, month, etc. It sucks. But if we refocus on our relationship with God, other people’s opinions of us become moot.

“And the Devil turns powerless when our minds turn to our all-powerful God” (154).

When we turn to God and focus on His goodness and His love, the Devil has no control.

“Man does not live on bread alone but on every word that comes from the mouth of the Lord” (Deuteronomy 8:3, 154).

We need God’s Word and love just in order to LIVE, so make sure to acknowledge His presence in your life. This book is GREAT for that 🙂

“Numb souls are never growing souls. They wake up one day feeling so very distant from God and wondering how in the world they got there” (154).

We all participate in numbing behaviors. Two of mine are drinking TONS of coffee and binging on Netflix. And while those might lessen the pain for a bit, they don’t eliminate it. Only reflecting on your relationship with God will help you and allow you to grow in so many ways.

“When we worship God, we reverence Him above all else” (155).

We should worship God in someway everyday, because He provides us with so much.

“God says if we will direct our worship to Him, He will give us strength to turn from the mistakes of yesterday and provide portions for our needs of today” (156).

God provides us strength to live out His plan for us each day. We have to be willing to listen to Him. The mistakes we make are part of His plan for us, because they allow us to grow and give us strength. God will provide if you allow Him to.

“As we seek love and acceptance, God doesn’t want us to test Him; He wants us to trust Him” (157).

We have to trust God and His plan for us, even when it’s hard. He’s the only one who truly loves and accepts us, every part of us. He doesn’t want us to fall prey and act on the temptations the Devil sets up; that’s testing Him. We have to BELIEVE in Him always, even when it’s difficult.

“We just have to remember that where we pay attention matters more than we know” (158).

Focus on things that will bring you fulfillment and happiness, not on things that leave you empty and sad. It’s easier said than done, but it will allow you to live a happy and healthy adventure. 😊❤️

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