Uninvited: Chapter 11

I know it’s been awhile since I’ve posted about this wonderful personal development book! I hope you enjoy today’s post.

Chapter 11: Ten Things You Must Remember When Rejected

Chapter 11 is about what you should do and think about when you’re rejected. Sounds easy enough, right? NO. Rejection is tough and harbors some rough emotions, but reminding yourself of these ten things when going through the aftermath of a rejection will certainly help.

“Sometimes what seems like a practical situation on one side can feel like a complete dissolution on the other” (128).

A business firing you may be practical on their end, but for you feels like a huge letdown and setback. Seeing the opportunity in getting fired (or any sort of rejection) will allow you to move forward.

“The enemy loves to take our rejection and twist it into a raw, irrational fear that God really doesn’t have a good plan for us” (129).

As someone who has thought on many occasions, “Doesn’t seem like God has a plan for me!,” this simply isn’t true. God DOES have a plan for us, it may just not include what we think the plan for ourself should include.

“What’s a brokenhearted person to do? We must praise God, seek God, look to God, call to God, experience God, fear God, learn from God, honor God, draw near to God, and take refuge in God” (129-130).

When in doubt, BELIEVE IN GOD.

“Replace the negative talk that will hinder you. Replace it with praises for God, who will deliver you” (130).

Remember that God would never say the negative things that you say to yourself. Like this quote says, replace your negative thoughts about yourself with the love God has for you.

“People with a realistic view see rejections as a natural part of life and adjust accordingly. […] But they don’t let them cloud their whole view of life. They are still able to see plenty of positive in themselves, others, and in God’s plan” (130).

It’s important that we can see rejections as opportunities to grow and just something that happened to us, not something that defines us or brings our whole life down. Try to find the silver lining and believe in God’s plan for you, even when it’s difficult.

“Believing God has purposed our days will save us from the trouble of stepping into plans that aren’t meant for us” (133).

God put each and every one of us on this planet for a reason. If something doesn’t happen in your favor, it’s because it wasn’t meant to be.

“God, I don’t understand this situation. But I do understand Your goodness to me. I thank You for the protection that is part of this rejection even when I can’t see it. I trust You” (134).

This is something I want to put on my wall so I remember to think it every time I find myself in a difficult situation. It’s okay not to understand what is happening, because God doesn’t mean for us to understand every single part of His plan for us. He’s the only one that knows all. We just have to believe that He is always good and protecting us, and that we can trust Him. I know I’ve been struggling with this lately. I have thoughts such as, “Why haven’t I been accepted into graduate school, but many of my classmates have?” and, “Why am I not in a relationship but so many of my friends are?” The point is, even though we may not understand why, we just have to believe that good will come our way.

“Wisdom makes decisions today that will still be good for tomorrow. Don’t let today’s reaction become tomorrow’s regret” (135).

Another way to look at this? What you do today will affect you tomorrow.

“One of the hard parts of rejection is the time gap it suddenly introduces into your life. […] Use this extra time to discover new things about yourself’ (137).

I know when I wasn’t accepted into graduate school my first round of applying, I was devastated and didn’t have school to fill my time. It was hard, but it has allowed me to discover so much about myself, such as:

  • I enjoy reading personal development books and sharing about them
  • I enjoy blogging and sharing about my life through this platform
  • I enjoy coaching and am really embracing my hobby and role as a Beachbody coach
  • I enjoy working with children and want to work as a speech pathologist in schools as opposed to a medical setting

Those are just a few examples. But without those rejections from schools and without that extra time, I may have never realized any of those things.

I want to end with a God-centered quote. I hope you all liked this post on your happy and healthy adventures. 🙂 ❤

“God isn’t afraid of your sharp edges that may seem quite risky to others. He doesn’t pull back. He pulls you close” (143).

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