Uninvited: Chapter 10

Chapter 10: “Her Success Does Not Threaten Mine”

This chapter is about how sometimes we get so caught up in other people’s successes, that we feel defeated when we don’t succeed. It’s about when we don’t succeed and see others succeed in the same field, how we ask ourselves all kinds of degrading questions and don’t think we can achieve greatness. Lysa talks to us in this chapter how that isn’t true AT ALL and how we have to keep our head up even when we experience defeat.

“Not on of these statements was helpful. Not one of these statements was God-honoring. Not one of these statements acknowledged God’s provision, which is big enough for us all. Every one of these statements minimized God and maximized my weaknesses. […] We are supposed to maximize God, which keeps our weaknesses in perspective” (118).

Remember not to bring yourself down with negative thoughts. Know that God has enough for you, and a plan for you. Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses; allow God to help you see that and to see that His plan for you has success embedded in it, maybe just not in the way you expected it.

“As Jesus girls, we can’t walk in victory while wallowing in thoughts of defeat and rejection. We must carry with us the sweet aroma of knowing Jesus everywhere we go” (120).

Although I would describe myself as a Catholic and not a Jesus girl, this is so important to think about. Know that Jesus is always by your side.

“In other words, people who live with an abundance mentality, who operate out of a deep knowing of their immeasurable worth, live loved” (122).

Live life loved with an abundance mentality, because it’s the best (and really only way) to live life to the fullest.

“We are to process life by looking up to the Lord and into His Word for wisdom” (123).

The Lord holds our plan for each of us and is the only one who knows the ins and outs of our entire plan; we should look up to Him because of it.

“I knew I was finally getting somewhere when I could authentically say, ‘Her success does not threaten mine.’ […] So even as the closed doors and rejections seem more prevalent than the new opportunities you’d like to see, even as you’re seeking to readjust your thinking, remember that there is an abundant need in this world for your contributions to the kingdom…” (125).

This is very applicable to my life right now as I apply for graduate school. I’ve seen some friends in my major be accepted to grad school, while I’ve been rejected from more than 10 schools. At first, I kept seeing the rejections as failures and their successes as boasting that made me feel bad. But then, after reading this chapter (and this quote), I realized that their success is not tied to my success, it has nothing to do with it. Their success doesn’t threaten mine, and even with each rejection, it’s really not a failure. It’s just not part of God’s plan for me. I just have to roll with the rejections and see them as opportunities for something else to happen. I know I’ll experience success, just on God’s wonderful terms and that everything I do will benefit someone in some way.

“Choose to live loved while you’re in the middle of the journey, and know that what He has in mind for you is so much more than you imagine” (125).

🙂 ❤

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