Uninvited: Chapters 6 & 7

Chapter 6: “Friendship Breakups”

Chapter 6 is about how friendships and relationships fall apart and breakup and the emotions that surround those difficult endings. It also talks about how God can help us through the pain and see the silver lining to these breakups.

“Bitterness, resentment, and anger have no place in a heart as beautiful as yours” (68).

Those emotions don’t have a place in ANYONE’s heart, but it’s natural to feel those emotions after a negative event (like breaking off a friendship) happens. But, instead of harboring those emotions, try to let God’s love fill you up with positive emotions that will push those negative ones out.

“We must be obedient to, trust, and believe God and let Him boss around our contrary feelings” (72).

If you do all of these things, God will have a hugely positive effect on your life.

Chapter 7: “When Our Normal Gets Snatched” 

Chapter 7 is about when something so routine or something we’ve had in our life gets taken away, how life feels like a big mess that you will never be able to fix. However, this chapter addresses how God’s love can help us through this difficulty.

“The only thing I’ve seen work in my life to protect my heart from these deep wounds is the constant pursuit of the sweetest grace. To love God is to cooperate with His grace” (82).

In order to protect, and then possibly repair, your heart from your normal getting snatched is to treat the situation and act with grace. If you truly love God, you’ll exercise grace often.

I hope you enjoyed this somewhat short post of quotes and thoughts from Chapters 6 & 7 and that they’ll impact you on your happy and healthy adventure. 🙂 ❤

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