Uninvited: Chapter 5

Chapter 5: “Hello, My Name Is Trust Issues”

Chapter 5 is about having trust issues (I think that was a given) and how God’s love can help us to work through those issues.

“Life doesn’t add up. People don’t add up. And in the rawest moments of honest hurting, God doesn’t add up” (54).

Sometimes, life doesn’t make sense. And what makes that senselessness even more frustrating is when you’re taught that God is always there and helping you, but you think he isn’t doing His job and that His actions aren’t adding up to this notion. But just know that life is messy and that God is always there with His plan for you even if you can’t see it clearly.

“David started this stunning soul declaration with the assurance that with God there is fullness. There is no lack” (60).

The passage Lysa is referring to is Psalm 23. God makes us full and He doesn’t lack in love for you.

“And though we can’t predict His specific plans, the fact that God will work everything together for good is a completely predictable promise” (62).

Did you read that carefully!? God’s plan is a promise that He won’t break. You might not like how God’s plan shapes up for you, but you have to trust that it will all work out.

“God will lead us, comfort us, guide us, walk with us, prepare the best for us, and continue filling us with such lavishness that we’re not just full but overflowing” (62).

God wants us to feel and help us do all of these things; He will if you allow Him to.

“God has already caught me. His goodness and love have pursued me and won me. I just need to jump into that reality” (64).

God has already done a lot for you, but you have to be willing to grab onto it and make His love for you your reality.

“I finally understand I don’t have to fully understand each thing that happens for me to trust You. I don’t have to try and figure it out, control it, or even like it, for that matter. In the midst of uncertainties, I will just stand and say, “I trust You, Lord” (64).

The thing is, we CAN’T and WON’T understand and know every part of God’s plan for us. We’re not supposed to, that’s not His intention. You know how there’s the “mystery of faith?” One of the mysteries, at least I believe, is God’s entire plan for each one of us. We’re not meant to figure it out, control it, or like it–otherwise that wouldn’t be living life. We have to trust in God’s plan for us even though it’s scary sometimes.

I hope you enjoyed these quotes and my thoughts about them from this chapter. Remember to always trust God’s plan for you even if it’s scary sometimes, because that’s part of living a happy and healthy adventure. 🙂 ❤

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