Rising Strong: Chapter 9

Chapter 9: “Composting Failure”

This chapter is all about how we should experience failure so we learn from it, same with regret. I hope you enjoy the selected quotes and find them applicable to your own happy and healthy adventure. 😊❤

“Believe me, comparison sucks the creativity and joy right out of life.”

Avoid comparing yourself and your work to other people’s, because you are unique and creative in a different way that could change the world. Once you go comparing, if just won’t be the same.

  1. “Talk to ourselves in the same way we’d talk to someone we love.
  • Yes, you made a mistake. You’re human.
  • You don’t have to do it like anyone else does.
  • Fixing it and making amends will help. Self-loathing will not. “

The takeaway? Be kind to yourself and BE YOURSELF.

“…accountability is often motivated by wanting to live in alignment with our values. Accountability is holding ourselves or someone else responsible for specific actions and their specific consequences.”

Accountability is a relatively new term for me, but I’ve really embraced it since I’ve been leading Beachbody challenge groups that focus on accountability. Hold yourself accountable, and it will inspire and motivate others to do the same.

“Power: the ability to achieve our purpose and to effect change.”

-Martin Luther King, Jr.

This is a great definition of power, because it’s so positive and what power should be and feel like.

“Hope happens when we can set goals, have the tenacity and perseverance to pursue those goals, and believe in our own abilities to act.”

It’s important to have hope, even when it’s hard. You should always set goals, strive for them, and believe in yourself; that’s the pathway to hope.

“I’ve also learned in all of my rumbles that if you don’t put value on your work, no one is going to do that for you.”

Believe in yourself and what you do, because that’s the only way others will believe in you too.

“You can do everything right. You can cheer yourself on, have all the support you can find in place, and be 100 percent ready to go, and still fail.”

This is SO TRUE. We can believe, but there’s always God’s plan to take into account. If you fail, just know that whatever you were trying to achieve wasn’t part of God’s plan for you, and that something better is coming.

“If there is one thing failure has taught me, it is the value of regret. Regret is one of the most powerful emotional reminders that change and growth are necessary.”

We have to fail (it’s inevitable for everyone) because it will teach us so much and allow us to grow.

“Regrets about not taking chances have made me braver. Regrets about shaming or blaming people I care about have made me more thoughtful. Sometimes the most uncomfortable learning is the most powerful.”

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