Talking As Fast As I Can

This book was so good that I finished it in one week! I wanted to share some quotes from the second “half” of the book that resonated with me and that I believe everyone will find relatable. I hope you all consider picking up this novel and allowing it to make your adventure that much happier and healthier. 🙂 ❤

“He (James Patterson) turned to me and said, “Keep going, keep going, keep going.”

Lauren asks the famous writer how he does everything he does, and this is his response. Simple and to the point, but SO TRUTHFUL. All we can do is keep going and striving for our dreams.

“Eventually I learned that, in the beginning at least, it was better for me to be finished than to try to be perfect. I had to get out of my own way.”

We all have to accept that NO ONE is perfect, and that we can’t reach perfection. Just worry about getting things done to the best of your abilities. Also, you know the saying “I’m my worst enemy?” If you’re in your own way, you’re being your own worst enemy. So don’t do that!

“An important tool against self-doubt is just to ignore it. Forge ahead anyway.”

If you doubt yourself or what you’re doing/about to do all the time, you won’t get anywhere. You have to take chances!

“I guess what I’m saying is, let’s keep lifting each other up. […] But in order to get there, you may have to break down the walls of whatever is is that’s holding you back first.”

Find people that will build you up, not tear you down. Remember that you CAN push through fear and break barriers, and that you can do anything you put your mind to.

“Often, waiting reveals the truth about something, and not responding to your every impulse can save you the heartache…”

I’ve found that I can be incredibly impulsive, and sometimes don’t think things through. We’re ALL like that because NO ONE is perfect. But, we all need to take our time more often and wait so we can make the best choice. We also have to trust God’s plan and know that if something doesn’t happen right away, that it’s for a reason and it doesn’t fit into His plan for you.

“Spend some time with just yourself and your thoughts and nothing to do. How else will you learn who you are?”

This is why personal development is SO IMPORTANT. It’s good to know who you are, and you’re bound to learn something new about yourself every day if you take the opportunity to do so.

“Look up! Look up! What you see might surprise you.”

Make sure you’re observant and taking every opportunity that you can get to lead you to greatness on your happy and healthy adventure. 🙂 ❤

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