YAB: Chapters 14 & 15

Chapter 14 is entitled “Gratitude: The Gateway Drug to Awesomeness.” I’ve talked about gratefulness in many ways on my blog, so you know it’s important to me and something I believe we should try to practice daily. If you practice being grateful on your happy and healthy adventure, it will make your journey that much better. 🙂 ❤

Here are my favorite quotes from the chapter:

“When you are grateful, fear disappears and abundance appears” (Anthony Robbins, 113).

Try to be grateful for every situation you encounter in life; it will only make you stronger, help you push past your fears, and add so much to your life.

“You cut yourself off from the supply of awesomeness when you are not in a state of gratitude” (115).

Now, why would you want to do that to yourself!?

“You cannot exercise much power without gratitude; for it is gratitude that keeps you connected with Power” (116).

As a practicing Catholic, I associated Power with God; I also think this connection helps this quote make sense (at least in my mind). If you don’t thank a higher being for what you’ve been given in life, you can’t feel powerful, in control, or good about yourself. Try to express gratitude so you can connect and live a fulfilling life.

“The more consistently you stay in gratitude and focused on that which is good, the stronger your connection to Source Energy is, and the more quickly and effortlessly you’ll be able to manifest that which is unseen into your reality” (116).

See my above comment as it pertains to this quote too.

“…get to the point where you have both unwavering faith and unwavering gratitude for that which you desire” (117).

If you BELIEVE and are grateful, you’ll get so much closer to what it is that you want.

“Finding the good and the lessons in things allows us to move through them and on to new experiences” (119).

I’ve talked about seeing the good and learning something from every situation you find yourself in, whether good or bad. It’s important and helps you to grow and try new things!

Chapter 15 is entitled “Forgive Or Fester.” It encourages you to let go of the past and forgive those that wronged you because it’s unhealthy to hold onto resentments and let them fester inside you.

Here are my favorite quotes from the chapter:

“The moment you decide to forgive and let your negative feelings melt away, you are on the road to freedom” (122).

Now THAT sounds pretty liberating!

“Forgiveness is all about taking care of you, not the person you need to forgive. It’s about putting your desire to feel good before your desire to be right” (122).

You have to take care of yourself before you take care of others and your business with them. Also, remember that you can’t change the past or another person, so just worry about yourself and what YOU can do to make yourself feel better and GOOD about yourself instead of wanting to correct what happened.

“Forgiveness isn’t about being nice to them, it’s about being nice to yourself” (123).

I get it and am guilty of this too; it’s hard to be nice to yourself! But you have to be, so at least try!

“Do yourself a favor and use irritating situations and people as opportunities for growth, not pain” (125).

I had never thought of this myself, but it’s SO TRUE. I’ve found that situations that have challenged me the most are ones that have helped me develop the most.

Remember to be grateful and forgive so you can live a happy and healthy adventure. 🙂 ❤

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