Mass Readings and Homily 2/5

Here are today’s readings and homily from mass:

Isaiah 58:7-10



1 Corinthians 2:1-5


Matthew 5:13-16



Today’s homily reflected on the ideas in Matthew 5:13-16 about how we as people are the salt and the light of the earth. For many of us, the idea that we can be the light of the earth, or at least a light on earth for someone else, is understandable. The world is filled with a lot of darkness, everyone experiences darkness at some point in their lives, and someone can help light up another person’s world again.

The concept that we can be the salt of the earth might be a bit more complicated to understand. The priest was commenting on how many uses there are for salt. You season your food with salt, salt is in the water of oceans, salt is laid on icy, wet roads so cars can avoid slipping and going out of control. He talked about how everyone has 4 ounces of salt in their bodies because it helps our bodies function, and how we use salt on a daily basis.

As I was listening to the homily, I was taking my own message from it. Salt has so many uses, and is vital to our well-being. Salt can be utilized in multiple ways and has many benefits; so do we as people. Think of all the reasons why God has placed you on this earth. Think of all of your personal qualities that make you YOU. You’re like the salt in the earth in that you are valuable and vital to this planet and to the lives of others that you have impacted in some way. You have so much to give and so many purposes in life, just like salt.

Not only are you a light in the world, but you are also like the salt of the world. Remember that today and your happy and healthy adventure will be light filled and perfectly salted. 🙂 ❤

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