Changing Up Scripture Posts

So if you’ve been following my blog and reading my scripture challenge posts, you’ve probably noticed the format of them. I have a little intro, then I list the scripture passage name and lines with the date I wrote it in my journal, then I have my reflection about it below. I do about 5 passages per post.

Even though I like that format, I want to change it up because I feel like I’m not totally connecting to the messages that scripture is purporting, which isn’t so good! We should all want to connect and really reflect on God’s Word that is scripture and its meaning and message. I felt like sharing my thoughts kind of took them away from me a little bit, and might have been like oversharing. If you liked it, I’m glad! If it got you jumpstarted about reflecting on scripture, that’s awesome too! I just need a bit of a change up because I want to get the most out of scripture while still sharing it with all of you.

So the new format, which will be starting February 1st (there will be a scripture post with the previous format for January 26-31 on the 31st): I’m just going to start reading The Bible from the beginning, and sharing passages that I found meaningful. Unlike the past, I will be typing out the entire passage, not just giving you the name and lines. And also unlike the past, I won’t be sharing my analysis or reflection on the passage. As I mentioned, I realized I feel a bit disconnected to the passage and its meaning when following the previous format, and I also want you to have your own reflections and not let my thoughts taint your own original thoughts and ideas on it!

I hope you all enjoy the new format when it starts on February 1st. I know it’s going to make my adventure happier and healthier, and I hope the new format does the same for you. 🙂 ❤

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