I AM THAT GIRL: Chapter 7

Chapter 7 of I AM THAT GIRL by Alexis Jones is entitled “Be A Sponge.” What she’s getting at in this chapter is that we should absorb everything we learn from mentors and the people we love and also learn a lesson from every experience that we have. It’s important to have a support group in your life to help you along your happy and healthy adventure. 🙂 ❤

Here’s some quotes I liked from this chapter:

“Slowly and with the grace and the self-compassion to accept your mistakes, missteps, and detours. I would offer the glorious gift of knowing this one thing: You are right where you are supposed to be right now, and it will change” (Yvonne Randolph, 200).

“Hug and kiss whoever helped get you–financially, mentally, morally, emotionally–to this day. Parents, mentors, friends, teachers. If you’re too uptight to do that, at least do the old handshake thing, but I recommend a hug and a kiss. Don’t let the sun go down without saying thank you to someone, and without admitting to yourself that absolutely no one gets this far alone” (Stephen King, 203).

“…don’t underestimate the number of people out there willing to invest in you, willing to take the time to share their wisdom, their advice, and their guidance with you” (205).

“Nothing feels better than contributing to someone else’s life” (209).

“But as important as it is to be surrounded by people who support you wholeheartedly, I believe it’s much more important to have the utmost belief in yourself and what you want to accomplish in life. If you don’t believe, there’s not a thing anyone else can say or do to help you or support you. On the flip side, when naysayers come your way, but you totally believe in your abilities and dreams, nothing they can say will leave you with self doubt” (Susie Castillo, 212).

“I think of you and the kind of young woman you must be to be reading this book. I can feel your energy and passion and drive to make a difference–and I want to take you by the shoulders, give you a long hug, and say slow down. Sleep, exercise, eat well, lounge with friends and family and loved ones, and read and watch inspiring, thoughtful stories as part of your daily routine…” (Francesca Adler-Baeder, 221).

“You will prune the shoulds from your schedule and plans, and focus on want tos. You will become more mindful of the many ways, large and small, that you can impact the others–and that small can be powerful” (Francesca Adler-Baeder, 222).

I loved this chapter because it made me think of all of the people that have entered into my world and how they have affected me and taught me many meaningful lessons. I also have learned so much from my experiences and that I should absorb their lessons like a sponge. I wanted to mention a few of my “mentors,” or people that have profoundly affected me.

My mom, Kathy Karp, for teaching me many things, most memorably how to ride a bike. I learned that even when something is tough, you have to keep going and not give up. You have to pull yourself up by the bootstraps and keep pushing forward.

Colleen Karp, for being a role model on work ethic and toughening me up even as the younger sibling.

Olivia Fox, Katie Von Rotz, Liz Tarman, Ify Odoh, Han Hoang, Andra Amador: all of these ladies have supported me through the good and bad times, and are always just a text or call away. They just get me, and it’s amazing that I get to call them my friends.

Monica Kim, for getting me back into practicing my faith during college and teaching me a lot more about it than I knew.

Keaton Hambrecht and Cassie Bittinger, for helping me get my coaching my first challenge group underway and supporting me through it, and being there for advice always!

This is just a small portion, I have so many more and I wouldn’t be who I am or where I am today without them! 🙂

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