Why I’m Sharing Scripture

For the past couple of months, I’ve been doing monthly scripture challenges. Most of them I find on Pinterest, except for January’s, I actually created it myself. I’ll share anywhere between 3-6 days of scripture passages (usually 5) with my thoughts on each passage. I encourage others to do the challenges with me, or at least to incorporate scripture into their lives.

Maybe you’ve read through one of those many posts. Which is awesome! But maybe you also wonder WHY I post my thoughts about this weekly on my blog. As I’ve been doing these challenges, I’ve realized my why as to sharing scripture with my FB friends, the blogosphere, and the greater world (in theory).

My first ‘why’ is because I enjoy sharing meaningful passages and trying to inspire others with my thoughts on them. There’s a reason I find them meaningful, usually it is because the message(s) is applicable to my life, whether past or current. I like to share my analysis of the passages because I hope what I say inspires someone to take the message of The Word and apply it to their own life in whatever way they see fit. Of course, my analysis is just one of many and I want others to derive their own thoughts from these (and other) scripture passages! I figure I would share my thoughts on selected pieces of The Bible because then it would jumpstart other people’s minds to find the meaning in scripture for them, for them to find the purpose of imparting the message of His word onto their life.

My second ‘why’ is because sharing scripture allows me to find a deeper connection with my faith and God. My reflecting on The Bible and thinking about how what is being said can affect my life and mindset, I can connect more fully with God and His plan for me. I can gain a deeper understanding of what His path for me is, even though I can never possibly comprehend what He has in store for me. But part of faith is trust; I have to trust God’s plan for me. Reflecting on scripture and sharing my reflections with the community allows me to do this.

I believe my why’s are quite powerful, which is why I’ll continue to read the Bible and think about it’s messages that God is trying to impart on us. I hope you find your why for studying scripture, because His word can make your happy and healthy adventure that much more meaningful. 🙂 ❤

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