Why I’m Blogging

I started Bridget’s Happy and Healthy Adventure blog almost 5 months ago (September 19th) and I’ve been happy with my posts and the traffic to my blog. I’m hoping that as more months go on, that more people will go to my blog to see what it’s all about! Thank you to my current blog followers and FB friends that check it out, it motivates me to keep blogging and sharing my happy and healthy adventure! 🙂 ❤

Blogging was another one of those things that I talked about doing for awhile before I actually sat down and set one up. I had seen many blogs before and some of my friends had blogs, so I was inspired. But I just never followed through with my interest in the blogosphere. Until I started doing Beachbody.

I wanted to share about my Beachbody experience with others, not only to promote the business, but also because I wanted to fill people in on my health and fitness journey. When round one came to an end, I decided I wanted to blog about other things besides health. I wanted to post about recipes, trips, scripture, books, etc. I have a lot of interests, and I thought, what better way to share about everything I’m interested in than a blog? Why don’t I just keep up with my blog, but add some categories to my existing fitness and recipes tabs, so I can share about everything I do? So I chatted with a wordpress employee and got my blog set up how I envisioned it.

I blog not only because I enjoy sharing about my life and everything that makes up my happy and healthy adventure. Certainly that’s a big part of why I blog. But I used to not really open up about myself in meaningful ways. Sure, I’d talk superficially about all of the extracurriculars I did, clubs I was a part of, what I was studying. But I never really shared about why I do these things, or got more into it than, “Yes, I play the saxophone” or “I go to school at UW.” Which is fine, but I knew I wanted to do more.

So I blog because I like to talk about every aspect of my life, from my hobbies to my health to faith, and everything in between. I like to go deeper into why I engage in all of these aspects that make up my adventure, and I find it easiest to do it in the written format of a blog. I like to think people get a a better sense about who I am and what I stand for when I write about my interests and passions. I like to think I make an impression on others and inspire them in some capacity through my blog. I think most importantly though, is that I blog because I like to blog. It inspires me to share the best version of myself with my FB friends, blog followers, and potentially the entire world. So I’ll keep blogging, and if you feel the inspiration to start a blog too, I encourage you to do so. Because it could be the way that you share about your happy and healthy adventure. 🙂 ❤

2 thoughts on “Why I’m Blogging

  1. Great blog here! Additionally your web site quite a bit up very fast! What host are you using? Can I get your associate hyperlink to your host? I desire my web site loaded up as fast as yours lol


    1. Hello Karin, thank you! I’m not sure what you mean by it loads up quickly… I’m also not sure what an associate hyperlink is. Please feel free to email me and we can discuss this matter!


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