January Scripture Challenge: Days 16-20

Here are my thoughts on days 16-20 of the January Scripture Challenge! Enjoy and I encourage you all to try and incorporate prayer and scripture into every day of your happy and healthy adventure. 🙂 ❤

January 16: 1 Peter 5:5-9

If you remain loyal to the faith and to God, you will receive the greatness of God because you are being humble and not proud. You should care and nourish your faith; because God will care for you if you do so. We can hand him our worries because God will take care of them for us and fill us with love which will rid you of your worrisome thoughts.

January 17: 1 Peter 5:10-14

God gives us challenges because He knows we can overcome them. Even if you suffer through them, His intention of the challenge you are faced with is to make you stronger, especially in your belief of Him and your faith.

January 18: Proverbs 31:25-26

We should live our lives every day with strength, whether it be strength to get through the long work day, strength to push ourselves to do something we think we can’t do, strength to overcome something difficult that will happen in our day, etc. We should also live a life that honors God and the messages of His teachings. Reflecting on the messages of His word will make us wiser, allow us to share His greatness with others, and be kind.

January 19: Romans 12:9-12

We should avoid evil in our lives and seek to find and stick with the good. We should treat each other with love despite our differences, because we are all children of God, brothers and sisters of Christ. We should want to do good with our lives, and want to serve the Lord too. We should pray regularly.

January 20: Psalm 32:6-11

We need to trust in God and his plan for us. To do so, we cannot hide from God (we can’t shy away from Him with our prayers). We should allow Him to envelope us with his spirit and teachings. We have to listen to Him when he is instructing and teaching us about our path that He has planned for us, we have to follow his guidance because He is the only one that completely understands His plan for us. We can never fully understand His plan for us, He wants us to trust that His plan is the best one.

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