January Scripture Challenge: Days 6-10

Here are days 5-10 of my January Scripture Challenge! Enjoy my thoughts on the following passages and consider adding prayer and scripture into your happy and healthy adventure. 🙂 ❤

January 6th: Ephesians 4:31-32

Let all negative emotions exit your mind and body with the start of the new year. Fill yourself with positive emotions; treat others with positivity and share your positive emotions with others. We can do this because of the power and love that God shares with us.

January 7th: Isaiah 55:6-7

We should constantly be seeking out God; we can do this through prayer and scripture. You have to truly believe in Him and His teachings in order to find Him. If you feel wickedness within or have thoughts that are unrighteous, you cannot find God until you let go of those feelings and thoughts and truly go out and seek Him.

January 8th: John 14:6-10

Jesus can’t just show us God; you have to go out and find God for yourself. Reading His words is great, but you can’t expect any good to happen or things to improve unless you reflect upon His word and really believe in it. The word Jesus speaks is God’s message; we have to really listen and reflect upon the messages of the word in order to feel and see God’s presence in our lives.

January 9th: John 14:11-14

Jesus is in the Father, and so are we: we believe in God and our belief in Him is what places us in Him. We give him our worries and thanks, which allows us to influence God and how He helps us. God is in Jesus, and God is also in each of us: When we believe in His presence and teachings, those messages and beliefs are instilled in us. We have the ability to share what God’s instills in us and shares with us through His word. God fulfills us and we can fulfill Him by sharing the word with others. Everything we do should be in God’s name.

January 10th: John 14:15-18

If we truly believe in God and Christianity, we will live our lives according to the Ten Commandments and live our lives in the way that God intended for us to. If we pray often to God, He will always comfort and help us. If we know God and whole-heartedly believe, He will always be by our side and in us to guide us through the plan He has for each of us. If we trust in God, He will provide us with a plan for a life as He sees us living it; which is the best plan for life that we can have.

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