January Affirmations

With the beginning of the new year fast approaching, I figured I would share a new page in my bullet journal that could be beneficial to all of my readers for something to include in their journals or participate in.

In addition to my new year resolutions 2017 list, I created a page in my journal that includes affirmations. I liked the look and many of the quotes from this January affirmations journal entry, which is what I used as the template for mine. Here’s the link to the image of the page: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/569635052852746748/

Mine doesn’t look exactly like this. The layout is different and I omitted the Tina Fey quote. But the rest of the affirmations that I included on my personal affirmations journal page are great reminders for every day and remind me of just how great and unique I am. Everyone can use these reminders, and having a page in a journal that you can turn to is convenient and comforting.

This is another page where you can constantly add ideas whenever you want. I’m probably going to add some quotes from famous people that I admire, or just things that make me happy. Consider writing an affirmations list to remind yourself of the greatness of your happy and healthy adventure. 🙂 ❤


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