January Scripture Challenge: Created By Me

Hello readers! This past November and December, I decided to try scripture challenges that I had seen floating around on Pinterest. I have a religious upbringing (Catholic) but didn’t really get very involved with my faith or local church until sophomore year of college. I wanted to keep my faith alive and well after a moved back home to California after college, and found a way to combine my new interests of bullet journaling and Bible quotes: scripture challenges! The past two scripture challenges I’ve done have been great, but I wanted to try creating my own for the month of January.

My passage selections were based on this: I thought about what I most relate to and need in regards to the start of the new year and the Bible. I made a list of all of these thoughts:

  1. Having a fresh start after a rough period in life
  2. New beginnings and new habits to develop at the start of the year
  3. Loving you for you
  4. How to integrate prayer into daily life

Then, I began looking for passages in my Bible based on this list. The King James Version has a list of topics printed in the front that give passage names and numbers on where to find them in the Bible. Some of the ones that captured my eye and that I used were “Sustaining Faith When Facing Difficulty,” “A Call to Faith and Repentance,” “Precious Promises of God,” and “Cures for Worry.” After I found some passages I wanted to use, I went onto Pinterest to see which Bible quotes were popular. I then went into my Bible, found the particular quote listed, and added a few surrounding lines to make it a bit more substantial. I tried to a do a mix of passages from the Old and New Testaments for variety.

As you follow along with this scripture challenge (which I hope you will!), you’ll see that I’m going to provide my thoughts and reflections on each passage for every few days like I have been doing for the month of December. Please let me know, if you end up doing this, what you like about it and what you think I could improve! This is the first time I’ve ever created my own list of passages for a scripture challenge, so any critiquing is appreciated. Above, you’ll see each passage for every day for the entire month of January. I hope you’ll consider incorporating this scripture challenge and scripture into your happy and healthy adventure; enjoy! 🙂 ❤

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