December Scripture Challenge: Days 22-25

I hope all of my readers and followers are having a wonderful Christmas Day just like I am! I’ll be posting about the Christmas festivities at a later time, but I hope that you’ll take a read through my thoughts on days 22-25 of this scripture challenge! Instead of going day by day like I generally do for my scripture challenge posts, I am just going to provide the name and all passage line numbers for the past 4 days since it is all one passage. Enjoy and I hope that during your happy and healthy adventure that you have a Merry Christmas! 🙂 ❤

Luke 2:4-20 Summary

The first four lines of this passage focus on Joseph joining Mary and the soon to be born Jesus in Bethlehem. They stay at what we know as the manger scene in the barn.

The next five lines introduce the shepherds and how the angel comes to tell them of the Lord’s presence that surrounds them. They are afraid because they don’t understand what is happening. The angel explains to them that the Lord and Jesus exist to bring them good joy, and that they should go to find baby Jesus.

Lines 13-16 are about the angel praising God and all of his goodness, and how the shepherds are going to go into Bethlehem to see baby Jesus because God gave Mary the blessing of bearing this wondrous child.

The last four lines of this passage speak of once the shepherds see him and how they know that he is going to help them in the future. Mary thinks about her child and all of his greatness.

Passage Thoughts

Today it is important to remember the true meaning and origin of Christmas. Christ’s birth on December 25th signifies Christmas Day, and we should be grateful for Christ’s birth because of everything he does for us, including providing us a holiday where we can celebrate all of his greatness with family and friends. I’m like most people; I love the decorations and the presents and the food and everything else about Christmas. However, the true spirit of Christmas lies in Christ’s birth on this day. Be like Mary and relish in the power and spirit of Jesus Christ on this special day. God bless and Merry Christmas! 🙂 ❤


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