December Scripture Challenge: Days 18-21

I hope you enjoy my thoughts on the following passages that make up Days 18-21 of this December Scripture Challenge! Also, try to incorporate scripture into your happy and healthy adventure, it will make it that much better. 🙂 ❤

December 18: Luke 1:30-34

The angel tells Mary not to be fearful of this child she is about to conceive, because he will grow to become a great leader of all.

We should not be fearful in our lives, because we have God and He is always watching over us. He is in our lives to take away our worries and fears to allow us to live our best life.

December 19: Luke 1:35-38

The angel continues to reassure Mary about her upcoming conception of Christ, and tells her about her cousin Elizabeth’s conception. There is a great quote that comes from this passage: “For with God, nothing shall be impossible” (Line 37).

This is true, for with God, nothing is impossible. If we ask for God’s help, what we want to achieve isn’t impossible because He is always with us and wants us to be successful and happy in life. Sometimes, things don’t happen the way you think they should have. However, it’s not because it’s an impossible task or a crazy dream. It’s just that it isn’t in God’s plan for you; his plan is always the best plan even if we struggle to trust it. But always remember that if you believe in God and His power, even big ambitions aren’t impossible to achieve.

December 20: Luke 1:46-50

This passage is when Mary realizes that she is blessed because she has conceived Jesus Christ through God’s power; she also fully acknowledges that God is great.

We each have the Lord within us; we should fully embrace and spread God’s messages to all peoples. God does many great things for us; we should share his greatness with others.

December 21: Luke 1:51-56

This is a continuation of the above passage; it talks about what God does for different groups of people.

God benefits each one of us in different ways. For those who are poor financially, if you pray to Him, He will help you find prosperity. For those who are poor in compassion; He will help those find ways to be compassionate. There are thousands of examples of how God helps everyone with their weaknesses or in their “poorness.” One thing I struggle with is having trust in God’s plan for me. Every night, I pray for Him to allow me to see that His plan is the right plan for me and that everything will work out okay. I ask Him to give me the ability to trust in His plan for me. Now, I trust in God’s plan for me more than I did before, even on the tough days.

I hope you all enjoyed this post and will continue to read and follow my scripture posts! 🙂 ❤


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