December Scripture Challenge: Days 13-17

It’s been a busy week, and now I’m finally getting to my December Scripture Challenge post! I hope you enjoy my thoughts on the following passages selected for this challenge and consider incorporating prayer and scripture into your happy and healthy adventure. 🙂 ❤

December 13: Matthew 1:18-20

Joseph is afraid for Mary; she is carrying a child that he is not the father of and wants to spare her humiliation. He is so afraid for his wife that he wants to hide her from the world. But then an angel comes to comfort him and tell him that this is the child of the Holy Spirit.

Many times, we are afraid for ourselves or for others for a whole host of reasons. This is why we have God and angels in our lives. They come during times of need and fear and guide us as to what to do in these situations; they comfort us and let us know that everything is okay. We have friends and family that do that too, but God and angels are different in that they are always there for you no matter what.

December 14: Matthew 1:21-25

Mary bore Jesus; and Joseph learns to accept and embrace this situation as the angel had told him to do.

The reason Jesus exists for us is to absolve of us our sins. Without his presence, we would have no way to release guilt or to apologize for our wrongdoings. It is also important to remember the name Emmanuel, meaning “God with us.” God is always with us, during the good times and bad, and he always forgives so He can help you to find your way on the path He has chosen for you.

December 15: Matthew 2:1-6

This passage provides us the back story to the wise men that eventually join Jesus in Nazareth and give him gifts. They report back to their king about the star they spotted and how it is a signal for Christ. Christ shall be the ruler of the people, the guide of the people.

Christ is in our lives as our guide and our support. He does rule over us; he holds the plan for each of us. We have to believe in His plan, even when it is difficult.

December 16: Matthew 2:7-12

The men that reported the star are sent by King Herod to find Christ. They find him and present him with gifts. They worship him in all his greatness, and are advised by God not to report back to King Herod.

Once you find Christ, keep hold. He helps us through everything as long as we believe. Do not turn lukewarm in or away from the faith, even in difficult times. Do not let authority figures question your beliefs, and trust in what God says and his plan for you.

December 17: Luke 1:26-29

Angel Gabriel is sent to Mary to tell her that she is blessed for bearing Christ. However, she is unsure of the message that Gabriel shares with her and wonders what she should do.

Sometimes, when we talk to God, we question if we actually did talk to him. Or, if we summon God, we question if He even heard us and will help us with whatever it is we asked him for or about. The best thing to do is to continue to trust God and His plan for you, even when you’re unsure about it. He is the ultimate guide in your life, and his the only one who knows every part of the plan for you.

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